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09 Jun 2015 by In Uncategorized

Chameleon Falls


Chameleon Falls is now live on Google Play

And its totally FREE!

Get it on Google Play

Prepare to blister your thumbs and pull your hair out. Chameleon Falls will challenge your reflexes and your will.

This unique Runner game challenges you the player with obstacle negotiation on one hand and colour matching on the other.

9 Completely different story levels plus a beginner Introduction level.

4 Unlockable Randomly generated practice challenge runs, including an infinite runner.

A store where you can top up on Coins and other Inventory, and also purchase add-ons like “Ad Removal”.

About the Author:

Primarily working as a game and app developer, and also lecturing in Pulse College Dublin


  1. Bobby Quarantine June 10, 2015 Reply

    I love this! Looks great – really addictive. The chameleon idea has great potential too. Also, the music is so good! Hope it all works out.

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